Kennedy Energy Park is a renewable energy wind and solar storage facility. The energy park is located in Flinders Shire in Central North Queensland. This region possesses an abundance of renewable energy resources including wind, solar, geothermal energy and biomass.

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Kennedy Energy Project Hughenden

Auzscot Constructions proudly supported the Kennedy Energy Project in Hughenden. This project was led by Quanta Solar Australia and Vestas. It began construction in 2017 and was operational by late 2019.

Project Scope

North Queensland’s energy network faces some unique challenges. As a majority of Queensland’s energy is generated in southern parts of the state, transporting energy to North Queensland can be costly and inefficient. The Kennedy Energy Park is an exciting opportunity to utilise renewable energy. This project will also provide energy closer to the point of use across North Queensland, and relieve the strain on long transmission lines.

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Our Substation Construction Services

Auzscot Constructions assisted with substation construction across the job site, working on three substations throughout the duration of the project. We assisted with the construction of KEPG high voltage switchyard including all structural footings, as well as the construction of the Jardine switchyard. We also assisted with the construction of the cape river switchyard including all structural footings. 

Auzscot Constructions has the experience and expertise from working on a variety of power and communication projects including the Lavarack Barrack ELF Project, conducted for the department of defence as well as installing substations for the Mount Isa mines. Our team of professional tradespeople are experienced in excavating trenches and installing HV, LV and communications cables in conduits and open trenches. 

As a company, we are committed to promoting environmental sustainability through utilising renewable energy wherever possible. We are dedicated to providing energy security and efficiency solutions to the public. Auzscot Constructions works on a variety of projects across Queensland, ensuring the best outcomes for all stakeholders and the environment.

Auzscot Construction Substation Construction Services

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