Trunk Water Mains

Auzscot Constructions Australia has a wide range of experience in pipe and civil construction.

Auzscot Constructions Australia is a civil construction company committed to providing the excavation and installation of all current industry DN DICL PVC pipes and connections to mains.

Auzscot Constructions Australia as a pipeline company provide a wide range of services including civil and construction works to varied water utilities around the Queensland. Our services include all facets of water infrastructure including pipelines of any sizes and in all available materials, concrete, HDPE as well as steel reservoirs.

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Auzscot Constructions Australia’s trunk water main capabilities;

  • Project management
  • Engineering, drafting and design
  • Construction
  • Civil works
  • Operations and maintenance
  • HDPE, Steel, SCL, DICL UPVC design, installation and maintenance
  • 24/7 emergency response and control centres
  • Low pressure sewer networks
  • Tipper hire
  • Contractors mining
  • Contractors labour hires
  • Pumping stations
  • Rising mains
Auzscot Construction Valves

Trunk, Sewer and Water Mains (this is also called gravity water mains – pipes to send water or sewage downhill)

Excavation and installation of all current industry DICL, UPVC, steel and PE pipes (to 1200mm) and connections to Mains

Rising Sewer and Water Mains (pipes to send water or sewerage uphill)

Excavation and Installation of all current industry Rising Water and Sewer Mains pipelines (to 1200mm) and connections to Pump Stations.

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